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Disney Kingdom Hearts 556 Sora Lion Form E3 2019 LE

Disney Kingdom Hearts 556 Sora Lion Form E3 2019 LE

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Introducing the Disney Kingdom Hearts Funko POP 556 - Sora Lion Form, an exclusive collectible released during the E3 2019 event! This limited-edition figure depicts Sora, the adventurous protagonist, in his striking Lion Form inspired by the iconic Pride Lands from the Kingdom Hearts series.

Standing approximately 3.75 inches tall, this Funko POP beautifully showcases Sora's transformation into a lion, with intricate details reflecting his feline appearance. With his mane, golden eyes, and powerful stance, this figure encapsulates Sora's journey into this unique form within the magical world of Kingdom Hearts.

For fans of the Kingdom Hearts series, enthusiasts of Disney crossovers, or collectors of Funko POPs, this Sora Lion Form Funko POP 556 is an essential addition to your collection. Display it proudly among your other Kingdom Hearts memorabilia or as a standout centerpiece, showcasing your admiration for this iconic video game franchise.

As an exclusive release from E3 2019, this Funko POP holds special significance, representing the excitement and anticipation surrounding the Kingdom Hearts series and its captivating characters. Limited in availability, this collectible is a testament to Sora's adventurous spirit and the ever-expanding universe of Kingdom Hearts.

Embark on a thrilling journey through the magical realms with the Disney Kingdom Hearts Funko POP 556 - Sora Lion Form E3 2019 LE – a captivating addition that perfectly captures the essence of Sora's transformative powers, sure to add a touch of mystical adventure to any collection!

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