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Disney Mickey Mouse Funko POP 01 Funko LE - Orange & Teal

Disney Mickey Mouse Funko POP 01 Funko LE - Orange & Teal

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Introducing a vibrant and exclusive rendition of the iconic Disney character, behold the Disney Mickey Mouse Funko POP 01 in an electrifying Orange & Teal Limited Edition! Celebrating the legacy of the beloved Mickey Mouse, this Funko POP captures the essence of the cheerful and timeless character in a unique color scheme.

Standing approximately 3.75 inches tall, this collectible Funko POP showcases Mickey Mouse in a fresh and eye-catching design. With his classic pose, charming smile, and now sporting the striking orange and teal hues, Mickey's playful spirit and cheerful demeanor shine through in this special edition figure.

This Limited Edition release is a must-have for Disney enthusiasts, Funko collectors, and fans of the iconic Mickey Mouse. Whether displayed alongside your other Funko POPs or as a centerpiece in your Disney-themed collection, this figure adds a burst of color and whimsy to any space, showcasing your love for the world's most famous mouse.

As a Funko LE (Limited Edition), this Mickey Mouse Funko POP 01 in Orange & Teal is a rare treasure, making it a prized possession for those who appreciate the magic and nostalgia of Disney. With its unique color scheme and iconic character, this collectible encapsulates the joy and everlasting charm of Mickey Mouse.

Celebrate the spirit of fun and nostalgia with the Disney Mickey Mouse Funko POP 01 in a stunning Orange & Teal Limited Edition – a colorful tribute to the timeless magic of Mickey that brings a touch of Disney enchantment to any collection!

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