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Funko POP Attack on Titan Ymir's Titan 1168

Funko POP Attack on Titan Ymir's Titan 1168

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Unleash the colossal might of Ymir's Titan with the Funko POP Attack on Titan Ymir's Titan 1168—a formidable collectible that pays homage to the awe-inspiring character from the Attack on Titan series. Standing at a towering 3.75 inches, this figure is an essential addition for both fans of the anime and Funko collectors.

Crafted with intricate detail, this Funko POP figure portrays Ymir's Titan in its monstrous form, featuring remarkable details that capture the terrifying essence of the Titan. The figure beautifully encapsulates the raw power and imposing stature of Ymir's Titan as seen in the gripping Attack on Titan series.

This officially licensed Funko POP figure is meticulously designed from high-quality vinyl, ensuring durability while preserving the distinct characteristics of Ymir's Titan. A sought-after piece for fans of Attack on Titan, this figure stands as a striking representation of one of the series' iconic Titans.

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