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Funko POP Camp Fundays SE Protomoa Wolves LE 6500

Funko POP Camp Fundays SE Protomoa Wolves LE 6500

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Introducing the exclusive Funko POP Camp Fundays SE Protomoa Wolves, a limited-edition release celebrating the vibrant world of Protomoa! Limited to just 6500 units worldwide, this special edition Funko POP brings to life the mystical and enchanting Protomoa Wolves in all their captivating glory.

Standing approximately 3.75 inches tall, this collectible Funko POP features the Protomoa Wolves, renowned for their majestic presence and mythical significance within the Protomoa universe. With intricate detailing and vibrant colors, this figure perfectly captures the essence of these mystical creatures, showcasing their unique design and allure.

Ideal for devoted Funko collectors, fans of fantasy creatures, or enthusiasts of Protomoa's imaginative world, this limited-edition release is an essential addition to your collection. Display it proudly among your other Funko POPs or as a standout centerpiece, embodying the allure and mystique of the Protomoa Wolves.

The Funko POP Camp Fundays SE Protomoa Wolves is a highly sought-after collectible, showcasing the artistry and creativity that defines the Protomoa universe. With its limited production run of 6500 units, this figure is a prized possession, symbolizing the magic and allure of the Protomoa world.

Enter the enchanting realm of Protomoa and immerse yourself in the wonder of the Funko POP Camp Fundays SE Protomoa Wolves LE 6500 – a captivating addition that perfectly captures the allure and mystery of these legendary creatures, sure to elevate any collection with a touch of fantastical charm!

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