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Funko POP Disney The Jungle Book Kaa 101

Funko POP Disney The Jungle Book Kaa 101

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Embark on an adventurous journey into the heart of the jungle with the Funko POP Disney The Jungle Book Mowgli with Kaa 987 - a captivating collectible that immortalizes an iconic scene from the beloved Disney classic!

Standing approximately 3.75 inches tall, this Funko POP duo features Mowgli, the spirited and adventurous young boy, coiled within the slithering embrace of the cunning python, Kaa. With detailed craftsmanship and vibrant colors, the figure perfectly encapsulates the tension and drama of this memorable encounter from The Jungle Book.

A must-have for Disney enthusiasts and Funko collectors alike, this Mowgli with Kaa figure is a standout addition to any collection. Whether displayed among your Disney treasures or showcased as a centerpiece, it captures the essence of friendship and peril in the heart of the jungle.

The Funko POP Disney The Jungle Book Mowgli with Kaa 987 celebrates the enchanting and perilous encounter between Mowgli and Kaa, capturing the thrill and adventure of Disney's timeless storytelling.

Relive the magic of Disney's The Jungle Book with the Funko POP Mowgli with Kaa 987 - a collectible that flawlessly captures the perilous yet captivating nature of this iconic scene, ensuring an esteemed and cherished addition to any Disney or Funko collection!

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