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Funko Pop Marvel President Loki 1066 Winter Convention 2022 Shared Sticker

Funko Pop Marvel President Loki 1066 Winter Convention 2022 Shared Sticker

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Experience the mischievous charm and presidential flair with the Funko Pop Marvel President Loki 1066. Straight from the hit Disney+ series, "Loki," comes this exclusive Winter Convention 2022 Shared Sticker edition, showcasing everyone's favorite God of Mischief in a presidential ensemble.

Standing approximately 3.75 inches tall, this vinyl figure portrays Loki, the charismatic trickster, dressed in his sharp and stylish presidential suit, complete with intricate details that capture his iconic look from the show. With his unmistakable green and gold attire and the sly smirk that signifies his cunning nature, this Funko Pop embodies Loki's charismatic persona.

This exclusive collectible features the Winter Convention 2022 Shared Sticker, signifying its limited availability and making it a coveted piece for both Marvel enthusiasts and Funko collectors. Whether you're a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, "Loki," or simply admire the captivating mischief of the God of Mischief, this Funko Pop President Loki 1066 is a fantastic addition to your collection.

Summon the enigmatic charm of Loki, the Variant President, and elevate your display with this remarkable Funko Pop that perfectly captures the essence of the character's intriguing presence.

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