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Funko Pop Naruto Itachi 578

Funko Pop Naruto Itachi 578

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Unleash the power of the shinobi with the Funko Pop Naruto Itachi 578. Revered among fans of the Naruto series, this vinyl figure encapsulates the enigmatic and formidable Itachi Uchiha.

Standing approximately 3.75 inches tall, Itachi is captured in a dynamic pose, exuding his stoic yet intense presence. Adorned in his iconic black cloak adorned with red clouds and the Sharingan eye, this figure perfectly embodies the essence of the legendary Uchiha Clan member.

With meticulous detailing and vibrant colors, this officially licensed Funko Pop Naruto collectible pays homage to Itachi's pivotal role in the Naruto universe. It's an ideal addition for any Naruto enthusiast or collector seeking to honor the legacy of this revered character.

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