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Funko POP Star Wars Cobb Vanth 484

Funko POP Star Wars Cobb Vanth 484

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tep into the expansive Star Wars universe with the Funko Pop Star Wars Cobb Vanth 484—a captivating collectible that brings to life the enigmatic character from the galaxy far, far away. Cobb Vanth's resolute persona and unique appearance from 'The Mandalorian' series are vividly captured in this figure, making it a prized addition for both Star Wars enthusiasts and Funko collectors.

Standing at a height of 3.75 inches, this Funko Pop figure depicts Cobb Vanth in a determined stance, featuring meticulous details that highlight his distinct armor, cape, and the rugged appearance that embodies this character. The figure beautifully encapsulates the essence of Cobb Vanth's enigmatic presence within the Star Wars narrative.

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