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Funko POP The Goonies Mikey 1067

Funko POP The Goonies Mikey 1067

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Embark on a nostalgic adventure with the Funko POP The Goonies Mikey 1067 – a charming vinyl figure that pays homage to the beloved character from the iconic film, The Goonies. With meticulous attention to detail, this Funko POP captures the spirit and enthusiasm of Mikey, the heart and soul of the adventurous Goonies crew.

Standing tall and proud, Mikey 1067 is a must-have for fans of The Goonies and collectors alike. Display this vinyl figure on your shelf, desk, or within your curated Funko POP collection to relive the magic of the 1985 cult classic. The Goonies Mikey 1067 encapsulates the essence of friendship, bravery, and the thrill of discovery.

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