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Funko Pop The Office Phyllis Vance 1131 Walmart

Funko Pop The Office Phyllis Vance 1131 Walmart

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Celebrate the warm-hearted and lovable character of The Office with The Office Phyllis Vance 1131 – a Funko POP that captures the essence of the delightful saleswoman from the beloved sitcom. This vinyl figure pays tribute to Phyllis Vance, adding a touch of charm and humor to your collection.

Meticulously designed, Phyllis Vance 1131 showcases the character in her signature office attire, exuding the friendly demeanor that made her a fan favorite. Whether you're a dedicated collector or a fan of The Office's heartwarming moments, this Funko POP is a standout piece that encapsulates the unique warmth and wit of the series.

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