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Funko POP They Live 975 Alien Chase

Funko POP They Live 975 Alien Chase

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Welcome to our exclusive Funko POP collection featuring the enigmatic and elusive Alien Chase from 'They Live', represented by Funko POP 975.

Enter the realm of mystery and intrigue with this rare and sought-after figure, capturing the essence of the otherworldly beings from the iconic 'They Live' movie. Standing approximately 3.75 inches tall, this Alien Chase Funko POP is a rare variant, adding an air of secrecy and fascination to any collection.

As an ode to the cult classic film, this Funko POP is a testament to the unique and eclectic taste of collectors seeking elusive and extraordinary pieces. The Alien Chase figure embodies the enigmatic allure and intrigue of the extraterrestrial beings from the movie, making it a prized possession for aficionados and enthusiasts of both the film and Funko POPs.

Explore our exclusive collection and delve into the realm of mystery and speculative fiction with the Alien Chase from 'They Live.' Whether displayed among a curated collection or cherished as a prized gem, this Funko POP 975 adds an element of rarity and fascination to any collector's treasure trove.

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