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Funko Pop X-Men Jubilee 1086 Walgreens

Funko Pop X-Men Jubilee 1086 Walgreens

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Unleash the vibrant energy of the mutant with the Funko Pop X-Men Jubilee 1086—a dynamic collectible celebrating the beloved character from the X-Men universe. Standing at a spirited 3.75 inches, this figure is a must-have for X-Men enthusiasts and dedicated Funko collectors.

Crafted with intricate detail, this Funko Pop figure portrays Jubilee, featuring her signature look with a colorful costume and dynamic pose. The figure captures the essence of the young mutant, known for her exuberance, spark, and impressive mutant abilities.

This officially licensed Funko Pop figure is expertly sculpted from durable vinyl, ensuring longevity while preserving the distinct traits of Jubilee. As a Walgreens exclusive, this figure holds a special allure for passionate X-Men fans and collectors seeking unique character renditions.

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